Bathroom Tile Ideas 2018

As with most things in interior design, fashions come and go for bathroom tiles. If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, then choosing the right tiles is an essential part of creating the best overall look– and you’re going to want to ensure you’re as up-to-date as possible.

While the year may be young, it’s already possible to establish the latest up-to-date trends for bathroom tile ideas. Below are a few considerations you’ll want to keep in mind when buying your bathroom tiles from us; follow these, and you can be sure of making a perfect, modern choice for your home…

Neutrals are the dominant trend

Bathroom tile designs of the past decade have been rather… bright. Bright colours; bright mosaic patterns; bright grout. The trends of 2018 suggest that times are changing; the brightness is being turned down, and neutrals are making their presence known.

Neutral coloured tiles — such as sandy browns, yellows, and creams — may not be the most obvious choice, but there’s no doubt they look absolutely stunning in a bathroom. These colours create a calm, relaxed feel, and are also easier to clean than their high-gloss cousins. We have a whole host of impressive neutral tiles at our showroom, so pop down and you can see how great this colour choice looks in person.

Geometric shapes finally come to the bathroom

Geometric shapes have been incredibly popular in interior design for the past few years, and 2018 looks to be the year when that popularity spreads to the bathroom. For most of us, when asked to picture a bathroom tile, we imagine a square shape of a recognisable size– but not anymore.

The tiles that are setting the trends in 2018 are geometric in shape, with hexagons a particular favourite. One of the great benefits of hexagonal tiles is that they create a stunning “honeycomb” effect, which can look closer to artwork than a standard wall of tiles. Opting for non-square tile shapes is a surefire way to keep your bathroom ideas right up to date.

Rough and matte finishes

Finally, 2018 is the year when bathroom design trends have turned their back on high-gloss. High-gloss tiles have been the gold standard for years, but the shift in preference is obvious: rough and matte finishes rule the day in modern trends.

One of the major benefits of matte finishes is that they are far easier to keep clean than high-gloss, which has a tendency to show every fingerprint and water droplet. If you’re renovating your bathroom and want to ensure the finished look is a byword for modernity, then rough or matte tiles are an essential component you’re not going to want to skip.

In conclusion

If bathroom tile trends in 2018 could be summed up in a single word, it’s “muted”– muted colours and muted finishes, with geometric shapes providing a little interest into the overall design. Visit our showroom and you’ll see the wide range of options that allow you to utilise the three trends above, which will help to guarantee you a thoroughly modern result that you’ll love.

Kitchen Ideas 2018

Kitchen looking a little tired? Feel it’s long overdue for a makeover but stuck for ideas? Now’s definitely the time to get up to speed with the new creative ingredients in kitchen design! Here’s a quick guide to the latest kitchen ideas that are predicted to be trending everywhere in 2018.

First off, it has to be said that there probably more kitchen design ideas and concepts than ever before, together with an “anything goes” aesthetic of mixing and matching every type of material. The challenge is how to make it all fit together in just the right way.

Trend for combining two shades of the same colour

The simplicity and functionality of the open plan kitchen has long been a staple of modern kitchen design. While white continues to the nation’s favourite shade of kitchen, there is definitely a move in the direction of introducing colour.

In recent years, blue and especially grey seems to have mushroomed overnight. Now there appears to be trend for combining two shades of the same colour within the same kitchen units. As this year unfolds, we will definitely see more of sections of bright coloured cupboards disrupting the neutral units and worktops. Another option could be two different worktops where a kitchen scheme in white composite material is offset by a wood surface on the central kitchen island top.

Local IKEA for an instant showroom update

Perhaps, like many homeowners, you may simply decide to simply head off to your local IKEA for an instant showroom update on all that’s ultra-modern, minimalist, clean line and neutral toned in the ideal IKEA kitchen design concept. As ever, the IKEA design aesthetic offers that familiar blend of Nordic expression where “nature meets nurture”.

No matter what size kitchen area you have to work with, IKEA has a stylish and practical solution that’s “Immaculate on the outside, organised on the inside”. The focus in 2018 is definitely on the “sleek and sustainable” but with bold graphic touches. Natural warm wood surfaces comfortably sit alongside the latest look in neutral greys or the zing of hot reds, a “pop of pink” or calming green.

Incredible advances transforming kitchen tiles

Much of the new generation design offering retro vintage mash up with contemporary attitude is down to incredible advances in manufacturing techniques. Unexpected new materials, shapes, designs and colours continue to completely transform kitchen tiles and everybody’s preconceptions about how they interact with the rest of the interior look and feel.

For example, encaustic tiles are said to be freshening up many a kitchen by the application of reclaimed vintage tiles or alternatively throwing up totally new designs arranged in unexpected and surprising geometric patterns. And let’s not forget the statement kitchen doors!  Beyond simply stripping back to   – or installing – natural wood kitchen doors and frames, intricate door design makes use of pattern and grooving for an eye catching feature, which can even be sparingly extended to an island area

Dark wood timber effect climbing up the walls

You’ve probably read recently that the big, big trend for 2018 is the mixing of tiling with wooden flooring. Are there any homes left in the land who have not ripped out their carpets and replaced with a oak wood pattern floor? Now we see  a definite move towards a dark wood timber effect climbing up the walls in a ‘mix and match’ with hexagonal shaped tiles or even big bold pattern tiles. The use of hexagonal tiles looks set to continue as homeowners move become more adventurous with colour and pattern.

Like their wood effect counterparts, many of the new range of tiles being used as floor coverings are deliberately designed to resemble another material entirely, such as wood, concrete, rusted metal or even brick. Laying tiles that look like concrete is much easier and definitely less hassle than the messy business of pouring concrete.

Quirky but popular choice for eye catching interest

If you’re looking to really put the glamour back into your kitchen then you’ll be definitely up for some shimmering metallics that have always been a quirky but popular choice for eye catching interest. Gold and copper look like to be the stand-out surfaces, lending a real luxury sheen to wall tiles, small appliances, lighting and other kitchen fixtures, even plug sockets. There’s even a rumour that gold taps are back in vogue too!

So whether you are up for a wood and tiling mix and match, the bold and the colourful accents, glitter wall paint and gloss tiling –  or simply prefer the natural look of Italian marble or terrazzo, the world of kitchen design in 2018 will definitely give you food for thought!



floor tiles

How to Clean Grout Between Floor Tiles

Regularly cleaning the grout between the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen floor is a great way to ensure the space continues to look clean and hygienic, two things that should be a priority in each of these rooms.

Not only does dirty grout look incredibly unsightly and unhygienic, it can often indicate problems such as damp/mildew collecting in your home.

In this handy post, we’ll show you how to clean tile grout quickly and effectively!

What Do You Need

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Baking Soda
  • Small Scrubbing Brush/Nail Brush
  • Rubber Gloves

The cloth soaked in cleaning agent is a handy way of cleaning between each tile.

Let’s Get Started!

Once you have put on your rubber gloves, the first step is to pour a small amount of the hydrogen peroxide across the grout and work the solution in using the scrubbing brush for a few seconds.

Next, pour the baking soda powder over the grout area and work this in too, applying a little more elbow grease this time.Continue the process across all of the dirty or discolored grout, and then allow the baking soda to dry.

Once dried, thoroughly sweep and mop the floor. You should notice a significant improvement in the colour and texture of the grout!

Grout cleaning using this grout brush makes cleaining the tiles a simple and effective job!

So there we have our quick and simple guide to cleaning the grout between floor tiles; be sure to check back soon for more fantastic tips and guides!

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